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AP- Adjective Phrase N- Noun PP- Prepositional Phrase Aux- Helping Verb P- Preposition Draw the tree diagram of these phrases. 1. repair the telephone 2. the success of the program 3. a fat ladies

man Tree Diagrams / Labelling Phrases Author: Nathalie Martin Phrase Structure Grammars: (Noun Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adverb Phrase, Preposition Phrase); and 3. Sentence, as the core of the structure. 5. The syntactic categories are illustrated in a tree diagram, called phrase structure tree,by supplying the name of the syntactic category of each word grouping. An adjective phrase (or adjectival phrase) is a phrase the head word of which is an adjective, e.g. fond of steak, very happy, Tree diagram representations. The structure of adjective phrases (and of all other phrase types) can be represented using tree

structures. View Test Prep - Tree Diagrams _ Labelling Phrases.pdf from ENGLISH 4 at University of Karbala. Tree Diagrams / Labeling Phrases Wednesday, September 4, 13 Example with brackets How would you divide PP → P (NP) S- Sentence NP-Noun Phrase VP- Verb Phrase Art- Article AP- Adjective Phrase N- Noun PP- Prepositional Phrase Aux- Helping Verb P Drawing Detailed Tree Diagrams Linguistics 222 March 11, 2013 1 Drawing Trees: Practice and then bracketing the

phrases. Then draw a tree that re ects the brackets. 1. John picked up the book on Tuesday. 2. John picked the book up. 3. John relied on Mary for advice. The adjective \full" has a PP complement \of facts". Notice the di Tree diagram is another way of representing an abstract structure is in diagrammatic form. It has two purpose. First, it describes sentences that we already know are grammatical sentences of English; and second, it serves as a pattern or template to make more sentences with. Adjective Phrase : A new toy. NP DET AP N. A Along the way, we’ll be practicing tree structure diagrams, both creating them and reading them. We’ll then extend the analysis of NPs to other phrases. ©Andrew Carnie, 2006 Questions to Ask: Adjective Phrases and Adverb Phrases Adjectives and

Adverbs can stand on their own as phrases: the [red] lipstick AdjP Adj John left quickly Phrase-structure rules. So sentences are not just strings of words, but are composed of a series of constituents which are themselves made up of words. We use tree diagrams like these to encode constituency, To account for phrases like the following, we refer to an Adjective Phrase rather than just an adjective: [ a] Det [ very big 79%(93)Views: 732K

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